30 Oct

101 Toxic Food Ingredients

This could NOT be any further from the TRUTH. Just take a glance at the world today is all lived in by us. In accordance with a study conducted by Infection Control and Prevention's Heart, cancer cardiovascular disease, diabetes is the reason over 1.3 million deaths in the United States alone. The REAL challenge is based on the fact the majority of the meals today we eat happen to be Genetically-Modified. An improved classification of a G. Food is "A food when the gene from variety has been compelled in to the genetics of another species as well as the process itself produces a variety of unanticipated side effects.” What this implies in ordinary Language is that the fruit and veggies are taken out of their natural state, which is NOT what Nature meant for us todo. So that we purchase more from them,  The major food companies designed this technique so that you can develop large volumes. There has been attempts by scientists worldwide NOTICE regarding the sideeffects G.O that was adverse.

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